South Bristol 360


‘South Bristol 360’ is the final name of ‘South Bristol Favourite Views’, a new artwork for South Bristol Community Hospital by artists’ team Simon Grennan & Christopher Sperandio.

The artists have produced twelve substantial baked enamel plaques presenting images in shades of blue. These plaques are circular, 600mm diameter and 100mm deep. They are permanently wall mounted at eye levels at twelve locations within the new Hospital.

Each of these plaques present a line drawing depiction of a favourite local place described by a member of the local community.

The circular blue and white form of the plaques and the depiction of favourite places, is inspired by the forms of local eighteen century ‘delftware’ pottery. This pottery was made in great quantities at Water Lane, on the boundary of Hengrove and Brislington. An eighteenth century plate from the Water Lane pottery is also shown below.

Grennan & Sperandio were out and about in south Bristol throughout January and February, talking to people about their favourite south Bristol view.

The artworks were installed in the new Hospital in August 2012.

Add a description or image of your favourite south Bristol view as a comment on the Blog Page and watch the blog develop…

6 responses to “South Bristol 360

  1. Christine Lillington

    Anton Bantock, celebrated local historian and artist has drawn several panoramic views around south Bristol and would be willing for these to be used in your work at the hospital, although I don’t expect you will want work by others.
    If interested, please send an address as I cannot scan the pictures as they are rather large.
    Christine Lillington (

    Administrator – University of Withywood

  2. I have been involved in the design and construction of the new hospital since the start and when I have been driving back from the site in Hengrove Park to my office in the city centre there is always one view I come across at the top of the hill on Redcatch Road in Knowle which is stunning. You can see the green of Victoria Park in the valley and on the other side of this is a panorama including some of the city’s best known buildings, including the cathedral, the Wills Tower, new university buildings and even the water tower on the downs (if you have binoculars or very good eyesight). On a sunny day with a clear sky it is a spectcualr view and always reminds me what a fantatsic place Bristol is.

    Mark Nebel

  3. Mrs Lyn Griffiths

    My favourite view can be seen from the top deck of a No 75 bus as it travels towards Bishopsworth from Bedminster Down. In Bishopsworth Road just before the first entrance to Wrington Close on the brow of the hill the panoramic scene as you look forward is brilliant. Look down towards old Bishopsworth and then up to the hills of Dundry with the the roof tops of both Withywood and Hartcliffe to the sides. This is absolutely brilliant if seen at dusk with the lights just starting to glow and showing the route up through the hills to Dundry village with the village church on the sky line.

    Lyn Griffiths

  4. My favourite view is looking up from the Hartcliffe Way to Novers Hill and the school.

    Kelvin Blake

  5. I agree with Mark Nebel – the view from the top of Redcatch Road looking down over Victoria Park and the city is wonderful. Very good on a clear evening with all the lights shining, and at the moment you can also see the big wheel in Broadmead lit up.

  6. Danielle Clarke

    My favourite view is from Bedminster Down (behind Ilchester Crescent on the grassy area) looking out across Bristol. You can see the Suspension Bridge (a particular favourite of mine as this is where my fiance popped the question) Cabot Tower, Bristol University, many other places acoss the centre and South of Bristol including The Bristol City Ground and other local buildings and streets/roads.

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